The Paris Agreement commits its signatories to holding global warming to well below 2 ºC above pre-industrial and pursuing efforts to limit warming to 1.5ºC. Current trends in greenhouse gas emissions show that limiting global warming to the international target of 2°C is likely to be difficult without radical net emissions reductions and/or other interventions such as solar radiation management. We are three complementary and interdisciplinary research projects funded by the EU to investigate climate change impacts and adaptation globally, regionally and locally and across a range of land, water and coastal ecosystems beyond 2°C. HELIX and IMPRESSIONS also are examining the potential differences 1.5ºC could make.
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HELIX is providing a set of credible, coherent, global and regional views of different worlds at 1.5°C, 2°C, 4°C and 6°C to make adaptation to our changing climate more understandable and manageable. IMPRESSIONS is advancing understanding of the consequences of high-end climate change and helping European decision-makers apply this knowledge within integrated adaptation and mitigation strategies. RISES-AM deals with adaptation deficits to marine climate factors (sea-level rise and storminess) affecting world’s coasts, where adaptation/mitigation and economic development may become intertwined issues for high end conditions.

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